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About Us

AL Huda education

how we started

The Year 2015

Al Huda Education began with the intention to provide our students with the necessary skills and motivation to fit into all strata of religious, professional and social levels of society. To constructively serve Allah and His Deen, self, family, community and humanity at large.

In 2015 we began with our Preschool School with an enrolment of 21 student, ages 3-4 years. They were placed in a first year and second year class with two teachers and an assistant. We applied for registration with the Ministry of Education. Alhamdulillah, all was well during this year and in June 2016, we graduated 10 students from Preschool.

In September 2016, our enrolment in the Preschool was 34 students. With this good foundation Mashallah we began Al Huda Primary School in 2016, with a standard one enrolment of 9 and first year of 10 students.

Our staff grew to 9. Our building was remodelled to include these 2 classes and a Principal’s Office.

In the year 2017, enrolment in the Preschool grew to 48 students. We built and annex to accommodate the present first year and second year classes of the Primary School, in which the enrolment grew to 40 students.

Alhamdullilah the Preschool was registered with the Ministry of Education in February 2017 and our Primary school in January 2018.

In January 2018 we have begun construction of our new facilities which will house our Preschool, Primary School and Girls Islamic College with all the required amenities.

Alhamdulillah, in September 2019 we move into our new school facilities. Total population of students in Al Huda Education is presently 210 with a combined staff of 20.

At Al Huda Education we treat every child as a unique individual entrusted (an amanat) to us by parents to give them the best possible start in life. As a school we take this responsibility very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that we fulfil our obligation.

The school continues to go from strength to strength which is reflected in the high levels of attainment of our children. This is due to the commitment of the Governing Body, the hard work of our staff and the dedication of our Headteachers.

It hasn’t been easy and there have been many challenges along our journey but through the support of the community and most importantly by the grace of Allah, we continue to achieve ‘Islamic and Academic Excellence’.

Our Vision

To be an exemplary learning centre, providing seamless education of the highest academic standards and quality, efficiently integrated and enhanced by Islamic excellence in a dynamic learning environment

moe/school Mission

To educate and develop children who are: able to fulfill their full potential, healthy and growing normally, academically balanced, well-adjusted socially and culturally and emotionally mature and happy.

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Primary School
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